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Ready for some casting news that’ll make you shake your bon-bon?
Or even better…Make Heather Morris shake hers? (No offense, we’re sure yours is nice, too.)
Sources confirm that Ricky Martin (“She bangs!”) is in talks to come to Glee, playing a hot Spanish teacher (hey! Just like Mr. Schue!), and here are more details:
According to [...]

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If anyone could compare the real-life Heather Morris to Brittany S. Pierce and make it sound sweet, it’s Damian McGinty, the “Glee Project” winner who will make his debut on the Fox musical series tonight. MTV News recently chatted with the Irishman about his first episode, and one thing he couldn’t stress enough was how [...]

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Maybe it’s her dead-on-ditziness, her sexy relaysh with Naya Rivera or her laugh-out-loud one-liners, but no doubt, we are loving Heather Morris.
And while we declined to include Ms. Morris in our Glee Star Strip Down Poll, it seems that H.M. let it slip in Seventeen that she engaged in a little lesbian lovin’. [...]

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Heather Morris rocks her Cheerios uniform on the cover of American Cheerleader magazine’s March/April 2011 issue!
Here’s what the 24-year-old Glee actress, dancer, and singer had to share with the mag:
On why she thinks people are so passionate about Glee: “I think our generation is definitely more open and accepting. But more so, we have technology [...]

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Darlings, I grew up in a seriously television-deprived household. Barring the odd National Geographic special, my mom didn’t really let me watch anything. Oh, how I ached for the salacious 90210! I’m quite certain that’s why these days I am a television addict. I consume it like water, gulping down oversize portions of The Vampire [...]